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  • I have some questions, how can I contact?

    If there is any question that is not present in this FAQ´s list, please use the form presented in this section: http://villatroiastar.com/en/Contactos. We will reply as soon as possible.

  • What is Villa Troia Star?

    Villa Troia Star is a house that is ready to welcome all people who want to spend an excelent holiday and time in Troia´s Peninsula with all the convenience and quality​.

  • What´s the service provided by Villa Troia Star?

    Currently, Villa Troia Star is ready to receive any visitor who intends to make tourism in this region. You can choose between the possibility of leasing all the property or just the room. We also offer the breakfast service, cleaning and ironing.

  • How many and which divisions?

    There are 7 rooms in the house. To get a better perception of each division, click on the following link: http://villatroiastar.com/en/Comodidades 

  • What is the full area?

    The property have 2,100m2, with 1,500 m2 landscaped garden.

  • Villa Troia Star has a swimming pool and barbecue area?

    Yes, the house has a swimming pool and barbecue area in our garden.

  • To make a reservation, change or cancel what I need to do?

    To make your reservation you need to fill this form: http://villatroiastar.com/en/Arrendamento and wait for our confirmation. If you want to change or cancel your reservation you must also fill the form or enter in contact with us: http://villatroiastar.com/en/Contactos 

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